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3d小差值尾振幅走图乐彩网self-sensing cantilever probes for spm (scanning probe microscopy) especially afm (atomic force microscopy), magnetometry, gas sensing, force sensing, nanoprobing and many more applications…

scl, founded in 2006, develops, produces and sells specialized afm-cantilevers and especially silicon self-sensing cantilevers. equipped with piezo-resistive strain sensors electrical read-out with these cantilevers provide unique advantages over optical laser read-out.


Diamond tip on a SCL cantilever

Tip Customization

SCL applies tip customization. Next to our standard silicon tips…
AFM scan 3D

AFM Topography

Quantitative height analysis with sub-nanometer resolution with…

Conductive AFM in SEM using Solid Platinum Tips

Cathode catalyst layers in fuel cell technology consist of platinum…

Our Clients About Us

“Thank you for your collaboration, which helped me to achieve this result.”


“SCL offers great and immediate support for it’s easy to use products”

Ass. Prof. HosemannBerkeley University

“Overall, the cantilevers have worked well and are very robust for my work in high magnetic fields. The data shows that the cantilevers are sensitive enough for high quality results.”


“I am able to measure very nicely in contact mode. I am even able to measure a monolayer of TMDC, a 2D material.”


“This device works with SCL cantilevers.” 


“I have been successful in applying my chemical process to the sensors I purchased from you. I subject them to a wet chemical process that’s pretty harsh, and they withstand it.”

Cynthia Wright

I was doing application measurements by using for GETec Microscopy. Especially for challenging samples with complex surface topography (e.g. fracture of a steel sample) SCL’s SCD probes3d小差值尾振幅走图乐彩网 were always very welcome! Basically, when other tips tend to break, the tip on a SCD probe remained very sharp and delivered precise images. The very long lifetime of a SCD cantilever is a very nice and useful feature for AFM! The combination of the AFSEM microscope and the SCD cantilevers made it very exciting to work.

Mathias B.
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